Belmont 40R Zoning

The Our Lady of Mercy church property in the Town of Belmont, MA was put up for sale in mid 2007. The Oakley Neighborhood Association (ONA), the neighborhood in which the property sits, was organized in 2005 for the purpose of influencing and promoting appropriate future development of the site. At the urging of the ONA and with the assistance of Concord Square, the Town of Belmont proposed adoption of and passed at Town Meeting, a 40R smart growth zoning overlay district with accompanying Design Standards. The site is now zoned for 18 to 19 units on 1.5 acres of land. The application of 40R to a small site with non-contiguous parcels demonstrates a clear opportunity for communities of any size to set out a positive vision for the future development of a site, and codify that vision in regulation.

The Massachusetts Chapter of the American Planning Association recognized Concord Square’s work on the Belmont 40R By-law and Design Standards with a 2007 Outstanding Planning Award / Planning Project. Other Belmont award recipients include Jay Szklut, Town Planner and the Oakley Neighborhood Association.