This page includes information that in many cases we have prepared for specific clients and projects. However, it is also of potentially broader interest, so we include it here in the spirit of sharing information. We hope that this page is useful to citizen and professional planners and developers who share our commitment to smart growth.

  • "Chapters 40R and 40S of the Massachusetts General Laws..." which together address smart-growth zoning... "have been in place for only a few months, but a dramatic change is evident in communities across the commonwealth. Zoning for higher-density housing, in the past highly adversarial, is now proceeding in a far more cooperative fashion. Our conversations with developers and local officials indicate that this new approach to housing development has begun to change the dynamics on the ground..." Banker & Tradesman: Smart-Growth Zoning Initiatives Are Exceeding Expectations
  • Boston Globe: Housing for Plymouth
  • "Talk long enough to anyone about the high cost of housing in Massachusetts and the conversation usually gets around to the same illustration of just how tough things have gotten: In more and more places, not just the priciest ones, police officers, teachers, and other mainstays of municipal life can no longer afford to buy a home in the communities they serve...." Boston Globe Reprint: Priced Out
  • "There has been a lot of noise coming from Beacon Hill, and business has much at stake. There are rival healthcare plans, and the question of who will pay. There is auto insurance reform, and the question of who will compete. Then there is the retroactive capital gains issue, and the question of why anyone should have to pay taxes four years later. . ." Saying Yes to Housing & State to tie school aid to smart growth
  • November 15, 2005 Boston Globe: Unfinished Business


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