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Attleboro Redevelopment Authority: 40Q, Zoning, 43D Expedited Permitting

Downtown Attleboro Aerial ImageThe Attleboro Redevelopment Authority (ARA) retained Concord Square in the spring of 2006 to support several ongoing policy initiatives in both Downtown Attleboro and in the city’s Industrial / Business Park (IBP). On behalf of the ARA, Angus Jennings prepared a draft District Improvement Financing (DIF) application intended to capture future incremental tax revenues in the IBP to support downtown infrastructure improvements consistent with the award-winning 2006 Downtown Attleboro Master Plan. Although the DIF was not enacted, the ten-month process of preparing the proposal included more than a dozen meetings with a municipal working group including the ARA, the Mayor, and several key municipal department heads including the City Planner, Assessor, Treasurer and Collector. This process led to consensus from the City Council to divide the infrastructure improvements into smaller phases and to issue general obligation bonds to support the implementation of the Phase I improvements.

Concord Square’s work with the ARA is ongoing. Concord Square is presently working on a number of projects including a rezoning proposal for downtown Attleboro which may include 40R smart growth zoning, creating a permitting guide and design guidelines for the IBP pursuant to the city’s adoption of Ch. 43D Expedited Permitting, and providing support on a range of additional tasks including development feasibility analysis and grant applications.

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