Planning and Zoning

Cohasset Village Business District Zoning

Courtesy Morris Beacon Design

Working with Carr, Lynch and Sandell, Morris Beacon design and FXM Associates on behalf of the Town of Cohasset, Concord Square drafted and brought forward zoning amendments to Town Meeting for the community’s Village Business District. The amendments, which altogether affected eight sections of the Zoning Bylaws, achieved the necessary 2/3 support for adoption at a November 2007 Town Meeting.

Our work took into account the results of a survey of the district’s business owners, a community visioning workshop was held that helped formulate the ideas behind the zoning amendments, and more than twenty public and working meetings. The amendments introduced the concept of Floor Area Ratio (FAR) to the Town and allow mixed-use development by special permit within the district.

Concord Square worked with the Planning Board for approximately nine months following the Town Meeting vote to prepare Design Guidelines for the Village Business District that would apply to new special permit development.

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