Planning and Zoning

Wrentham: Wampum Corner Corridor Concept Plan and Zoning

Wrentham_Base_Map.jpgConcord Square and Morris Beacon design were retained by the Town of Wrentham in January 2008 to draft a corridor master plan and accompanying zoning for the Wampum Corner Corridor.

Our work sought to advance initial policy direction provided by the Town’s approved Master Plan and Housing Plan by creating a Corridor Master Plan for the Wampum Corner Corridor. Tasks completed include an examination of the Town’s current zoning and housing status relative to the Corridor. Through review of existing zoning and public policy, coordination with stakeholders through working sessions and public meetings, and drawing from its experience with comparable projects, our project team worked with Town officials and others to propose the best approach to increasing the diversity of housing options in Wrentham while maintaining and enhancing the look and feel of a beautiful New England Town.

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