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December 2007 40R Communities Map by CSP&D

In October of 2002 Ted Carman wrote a paper that served as the basis for two reports entitled “Building on our Heritage, A Housing Strategy for Smart Growth and Economic Development” (October 2003), and “Chapter 40R– School Cost Analysis” (May 2004) on behalf of the Commonwealth Housing Task Force. He was the principal author of these reports in conjunction with Eleanor White and Professor Barry Bluestone under the auspices of the Center for Urban and Regional Policy of Northeastern University. The recommendations of these reports were incorporated in Chapter 40R of the Massachusetts General Laws, which was passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor in June, 2004, and in Chapter 40S, which was passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor in November, 2005.

The first three Smart Growth Zoning Districts under Chapter 40R were adopted locally in May, 2006. Since then an additional eighteen communities (21 in total) have passed Smart Growth Zoning districts in Massachusetts. These districts allow for the construction of over 7,000 new housing units.

Ted Carman and Angus Jennings also served on the 40R Regulations Advisory Committee appointed by the Department of Housing and Community Development to provide advice on the preparation of the regulations for Chapter 40R Smart Growth Zoning. DHCD engaged Jay Wickersham to do legal and analytical work and to provide the actual drafts and final version of the regulations — which were made final in March, 2005.

Concord Square continues to provide support to the Commonwealth Housing Task Force on an ongoing basis.

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